monkey of sock .com

Monkey individuality.

They are not just ordinary monkeys
but creative works of art. View
a "little universe of eccentric
interesting ideas

Monkey how-to.

View this great page of
step-by-step instructions
on how to craft a sock monkey.
monkey instructions

Meet Nelson.

Meet the giant sock
monkey called Nelson,
who is over 6' tall, and
travels quite a bit, spreading
the story of Rockford socks
and Rockford Illinois.

Monkey bedding.

Sweet dreams
sock monkey bedding!
sock monkey bedding

Monkey fabric.

Imagine all the great things
you could sew with this
colorful sock monkey fabric.
Happy monkeys everywhere!

More monkey fabric.

Imagine all the things you
could sew with more monkey
fabric. Wear it. Decorate with it.
Dare to dream!
Sock Monkey Fabric

A different monkey.

This cute Paul Frank monkey
has a neat monkeyface
pattern all over his body.
Gotta have it.
Paul Frank Monkey

Monkey pants.

Monkey loungewear that
can't be beat!

If only they made this stuff for adults!
Monkey Loungewear

Red Heel Sock
Monkey Dreams.

Visit Sock Monkey Dreams
for all sorts of sock monkey
fun. Meet the monkeys or
visit the message board
Sock Monkey Dreams

Sock Monkey Fun.

A cool site with
lots of fun stuff, including
sock monkey clothes and
knitting patterns!

Sock Monkey Fashion.

Guaranteed no one else
will show up at the party
with the same outfit as you
when you are wearing this!
Sock Monkey Dress



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monkey fabric loungewear