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Where are the monkeys?

A simple pair of socks crafted into a classic toy. Good old American ingeniuity!
Sock monkeys are sought after— but where the heck can you find the best
sock money stuff? If you check search engine results for "sock monkey",
you'll find thousands of choices. Monkey has looked at each and every one
for you. He's picked out the best of the best and listed them here.
What more can you ask for? Spreading monkey joy!

sock monkeys book cover sock monkey book

See a Monkey.

This engaging book by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren,
"Sock Monkeys (200 out of 1,863)", will delight any true
sock monkey lover. Photos in the book are done in classic
black and white. This book is filled with wonderful sock
monkey portraits that are larger than life. The poetic pictures
make even the simplest (ugly?) sock monkey endearing!
Sock Monkey Book
sock monkey sock monkey

Buy a monkey.

If you are looking to buy some great sock monkey items,
search no more! You can purchase Rockford red heel
monkey socks, unique sock monkeys, and many other
interesting sock monkey items.
sock monkey fabric sock monkey hat

Wear a monkey.

How can you resist a hat like this?
So warm and stylish!!

Monkey games.

Can you find him?
Follow the clue cards and search
through the jungle before
time runs out! .
Where's My Sock Monkey Game?

sock monkey kit sock monkey kit

Monkey kits.

If you're feeling creative, why not craft your very own
sock monkey? Check out this cute sock monkey craft kit.
"Peejay" is ready to lounge around your house.
All you have to do is sew him together—
easy, right?
sock monkey kits
sock monkey socks monkey socks

Monkey wear.

If you want to look just like a sock monkey
you can wear these socks. Or you might want
to use the socks to make a sock monkey.
Your choice!
monkey socks
sock monkey book sock monkey book

Monkey reading.

This fun story with colorful illustrations is about
the perplexed sock monkey who is afraid to take
a bath for fear he would become a blotchy, lumpy,
shrunken monkey! Story has a happy ending, of course!
sock monkey book sock monkey book

More monkey reading.

Sock monkey is looking for a dance partner
His friends are all out of town. Sock Monkey
cannot go by himself! Will sock monkey stay
home alone and sing the blues?

Sock Friends.

sock creatures book
Don't you want to learn how to
make other crazy creatures
out of socks?
I know I do!!

Stupid Sock Creatures

sock monkey embroidery


striped monkey

monkey embroidery

Monkeys in stitches.

Sock monkeys can now be embroidered by machine.
Vermillion Stitchery sells sock monkey machine
embroidery patterns.




Sock Monkey Cards.
Send sock monkey greeting cards to all of your friends!

monkey slippers



sock monkey book

Monkey feet.

Excellent wearables.
Cozy and warm.
Colorful and fun!
Wear them everywhere!

Monkey Slippers


Sock Monkey Book.

A new release from author Dee Lindner,
the "sock monkey lady"! Her sock monkeys
are so endearing! In this celebration of friendship,
sock monkeys spread cheer with their homemade
smiles, and humor with their antics. 72 pages.
Sock Monkey Book





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